So Who Wants To Buy The Old POD Complex For The Bargain Price Of €6 Million?

Come on, somebody take one for the team...


If, like us, you've spent the last few years mourning the loss of Crawdaddy, then this should be music to your ears. 

There were rumours circulating a few years ago that it had been snatched up by another Dublin institution – but since then, those rumours have been put to bed, meaning the space has been dormant since its closure in 2012. 

However, it has now officially been put up for sale by owner John Reynolds for a guide price of a cool €6m. If you're one of the several interested, you're going to have to start putting your pennies aside right away, as you only have until June 6 to bid. 

In case you've blocked out the feelings Pod used to ignite in you, for fear that you would just break down, here's a snippet of the fun that used to go on.

Now imagine that fun all BELONGED TO YOU?

Just a thought.

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.