Queues at Dublin Airport cause more than 1,000 people to miss flights on Sunday

By Katy Thornton

May 30, 2022 at 10:01am


People queued for hours only to miss their flight entirely.


Back in March and April, with the increase of people travelling again, there were huge queues going through Dublin Airport. Matters seemed to calm down a bit in recent weeks, but on Sunday the situation hit an all time low. Videos and photos of the queues circulated online, causing mass panic amongst anyone flying in the next few weeks.

The below Tiktok, from @juanitoenirlanda shows the true severity of the situation.

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Even moreso, RTÉ News reports that according to Kevin Cullinane, the DAA Head of Communications, "well over 1,000 passengers" missed their flights at Dublin Airport due to lengthy queues yesterday."


While the queues today are more manageable, the figure of over a thousand people missing their flights, despite showing up on time, is a huge cause for concern as we approach peak holiday season. According to RTÉ News, 50,000 people were expected to depart from Dublin Airport yesterday.

Cullinane urges anyone who missed their flight to email [email protected] to seek reimbursement.

The airport is currently understaffed, although Cullinane says there should be 370 more officers by July.

With mounting concerns for the June bank holiday, Minister of State for International Transport Hildegarde Naughton will meet with the DAA today to discuss the situation.


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