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11th Feb 2020

Reasons for Camden Rotisserie’s October closure order released by FSAI

Darragh Murphy

Camden Rotisserie's closure order

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has published the reasons for last October’s closure order that was issued to Camden Rotisserie.

The reasons for the FSAI’s various closure orders around Ireland are typically released in the first week of the next month but it has taken four months for the report on Camden Rotisserie to be made public.

The closure order served to the popular Camden Street restaurant had been subject to an appeal to the District Court but that is said to have subsequently been withdrawn.

The closure order was issued on October 1, 2019 and it was lifted on October 4, 2019.

A report from a Health Service Executive officer is now available to download, along with the reasons for the closure orders of five Irish food businesses last month.

The report on Camden Rotisserie from last October states that rodent activity was discovered in the rear yard of the premises and rodent burrow holes were found to the rear and foundations of the building. Rodent bait was also found in the rear outdoor area and it appeared to have been gnawed.

An infestation of insects was also evident in a food preparation area.

A number of hygiene and food preparation issues were also highlighted, all of which can be read in full here.