The Average Dubliner Spends 55% Of Their Wages On Rent

By AmyBell

October 21, 2018 at 1:41pm


New figures have shown that Dublin city renters are now spending more than half of their wages to pay their rent.

The findings from Sherry Fitzgerald were published in The Irish Times and revealed that Dublin is the third most expensive city to rent in.

With the increase in people looking for properties in the capital, there is now added pressure to tenants with "severe burdens" on their incomes just to pay their rent.

Since the end of 2012 the rent-to-income ratio has been rising, and Dubliners now pay up to 55% of their wages just to keep a roof over their head.


For every €100 after tax earned, €55 is going on rent, a much higher percentage than during Ireland's Celtic Tiger boom.

When it comes to renting worldwide, London is the most expensive with up to 85% of inhabitants' earnings going on rent, with Manhattan, New York coming in second at 60%.

Limerick was found to be the least expensive city to rent in Ireland with 30% of residents' wages going on accommodation.

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