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07th Feb 2018

Dublin Nursing Home Residents ‘Physically Restrained’ And Eating In Soiled Underwear


An inspection of a nursing home in Raheny has found cause for concern over several matters involving the treatment of elderly residents, a HIQA report reveals.

Raheny Community Nursing Unit in Dublin 5 was inspected by the health authority last October in an unannounced inspection visit, and the results of report detail some concerning finds.

While the report does say that carers were pleasant to residents and encouraged them to engage in daily activities and residents and relatives spoken with said they did not have any concerns for their
safety, the nursing home failed to meet several required requirements.

Residents were “physically restrained” above and beyond the approved policies. 

The primary types of restraints used were bed rails,
lap belts and medications. The HIQA report recommended that physical restraint is used only as an emergency measure when unanticipated behaviour
can place the resident in immediate danger.

In a rush to get residents to breakfast, some elderly residents were forced to eat in their soiled underwear.

Regular staff were seen rushing to ensure all residents
were seated upright “to enable them have their breakfasts in a timely manner. Staff
spoken with at this time said they were trying to make sure everyone got their breakfast
when it was hot, the report states. 

However, there were negative impacts to this rushed care provision, including where
residents were assisted to eat their breakfast, prior to their soiled incontinence wear
being changed.

Understaffing as prominent and the centre relied heavily on agency staff who were not familiar with the residents or the systems in place.

Following on from the report, several safeguarding procedures were put in place in order for the centre to improve its care.