Snapchat's New Terms And Conditions Allows The Company To Publicly Display Any Of Its Users Snaps

*starts hyperventilating*


Well this is a worrying development.

According to Snapchat's new terms and conditions, they have the right to go through your private snaps and, if they so wish, share them with the public or with third parties.

The photo app, which has 100 million daily users, included these terms and conditions when the app was updated with new filters in recent weeks.

The new agreement states,

While we’re not required to do so, we may access, review, screen and delete your content at any time and for any reason, including if we think your content violates these Terms. You alone though remain responsible for the content you create, post, store, or send through the Services.

So there you have it, your private and temporary snaps are no longer private or temporary. Leaving 100 million daily users with some very tough decisions to make.


To dick pic or not to dick pic

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