Move Over Munchy Boxes, The 'Variety Box' Has Arrived And It Looks Absolutely Savage

Oh holy variety box, we are not worthy to receive you...


We didn't think it could get much filthier than a munchy box: we were so wrong.

We've had 3-in-1s (which some hated and others adored). Everybody liked a good spice bag. We all went crazy for the uber-decadent munchy boxes that emerged recently. But now, there's a new kid on the block.

The latest revolution to hit the Dublin fast food scene is known as the variety box. As if munchy boxes didn't take the piss enough, this takes it to a whole new level.

Gaze upon its dirty glory below.


Pic: Eddie's Dynasty

This beast of a culinary concoction comes courtesy of takeaway Eddie's Dynasty in Ballymun, after their munchy box (AKA mega spice box) got such a massive response, they decided to up their game.

They said on their Facebook page,

Due to popular demand we have decided to create a BRAND NEW BOX. EDDIE'S VARIETY BOX comes in both large and small and contains all your favourite food including salt and chilli chicken balls, shredded chicken and chips with curry sauce, but this time we have also added noodles and fried rice for the same price as the mega spice box!

Mmm, that's a whole lot of goodness. Well, badness really. But bad in a good way.

To get your hands on this warlock, you can find find Eddie's Dynasty at Unit 9 College View, Main Street, Ballymun. They also do deliveries, so you can call 0851787225 or 0874640234 to place your order.

They're open from 5pm until 2am on Saturdays and Sundays. This could make an excellent cure for anyone nursing Halloween hangovers this weekend, just sayin'.

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