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29th Jan 2019

PIC: Man Allegedly Tries To “Spike” Girl In Dublin Nightclub But She Makes An Even Worse Discovery About Him

Darragh Berry

A man in Dublin allegedly tried to “spike” a group of girls over the weekend as they were attending the finale of District 8 in Tivoli Theatre.

According to the girl, the man in question is said to have sat down beside a pair of girls in the nightclub with a pint first.

Minutes later, it is alleged by the girl that the man pulled out a smaller cup and asked both girls if the drink belonged to either of them.

However, both declined with one of the girls stating that the drink he had offered them ‘had been spiked’.

He allegedly then offered the drink to another girl in the vicinity but this was spotted by the first set of girls and the drink was took off him and gotten rid of.

Dublin Spike District 8

She took a selfie with the man to show the security guards in the club but made a further staggering discovery.

The man who allegedly tried to “spike” the drink – according to the girl – looks similar to the sketch of a man that Gardaí released at the end of last year who allegedly attacked and raped a woman in a Dublin taxi.

This is the sketch below:

Dublin Spike District 8 Sketch

Lovin Dublin has reached out to Gardaí and a spokesperson said that they “carried out an extensive search of our systems for this weekend and can find no such incident reported to Gardai.”