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24th Jan 2022

The Dublin Bus Nitelink services will return this Friday

Katy Thornton

dublin bus nitelink

As if we weren’t already having a stunning week, the Dublin Bus Nitelink is back in action.

Now this is truly something to celebrate. If you aren’t all partied out from the weekend after the lifting of the 8pm curfew and time limits, then say a toast to this news. Dublin Bus has announced that the Nitelink’s service will return as normal from this Friday, 28th January. Long regarded as a safe way of getting home from a late night, it only makes sense that now the late nights are back, so is the Nitelink.

Dublin City Councillor Colm O’Rourke says of the Nitelink’s much anticipated return:

The return of the Nitelink is great news. In December of last year, when it was announced that the service would be curtailed, in line with restrictions to close hospitality at 8 pm, I was disappointed as the Nitelink isn’t just for clubbers. It is an important service to workers and anyone looking for a low-cost option to get home safe. The confirmation from Dublin Bus today is a big relief to many people. The return of the service will play a part in helping the nighttime economy of Dublin City recover, which is so important.”

Ah, we’re only delighted to welcome the Nitelink back to Dublin, just when we need it most. You can check out more on fares and route planners through this link HERE.

Things really do feel like they’re getting back to normal, and we absolutely love to see it.

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