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25th Jan 2018

A Dublin College Is Having A ‘Rodeo Penis’ And ‘Condom Olympics’ Event Next Week


Right lads, the prize for the funniest college events officially goes to UCD. Take a bow, student union, your job is here is done. 

UCDSU Welfare Officer Eoghan Mac Domhaill announced the timetable for the university’s annual Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG) week which will take place on campus next week with a variety of educational yet entertaining events. 

Y’know, because learning is fun and all. 

Next Monday will see students competing for a coveted Coppers Gold Card by attempting to stay on a “Rodeo Willy” for the longest amount of time. 

There will also be a “Condom Olympics” in the student bar. Never heard of Condom Olympics? Let us enlighten you.

The aim of the game, according to UCD’s College Tribune, is apparently to place a condom on as many objects as you can with points being awarded on the basis of how big the object is. 

The prize? Tickets to Electric Picnic. Pass the Durex, we got this. 

Here’s just some of the gas events organised as part of SHAG week…

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The Student’s Union will also be handing out condoms, lubricant, tampons, pads and pregnancy tests for free so that students “have the best week possible.”

Sounds like a scream. 

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