This Retro TV Report About Dublin Goths Is Absolutely Gas

By kaylawalsh

February 16, 2018 at 7:54pm


Nowadays goths are fairly few and far between, but back in the 80s they were everywhere. 

With their dark clothes, dyed hair and heavy make-up, they obviously stood out from the crowd, so RTE fashion programme Head to Toe decided to find out more about them. 

Presenter Mary O'Sullivan took to the streets to interrogate "goths, cure heads and psychobillies"- and the result is one of the funniest clips we've seen in ages. 

Try not to laugh as the bespectacled Mary approaches sulky teens to ask "What are you?" and "You're a goth as well, is that it?". 


The clip has quickly racked up views since it was shared on Reddit earlier today.

Check it out here

Ah, takes us back to our emo days...

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