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29th Jun 2017

Three Other Serious Incidents At Poolbeg Incinerator Revealed


Reports have emerged that three other serious incidents have taken place at the Poolbeg Incinerator in recent times. 

The incidents occurred both in the first week of testing and just before the lime leak at the Incinerator four weeks ago which left eleven staff hospitalised. 

Locals grew concern following the above incident, leading to more investigations. 

Investigations have released information based around the leak – including that the issues revolve around a filter used to control pollution and were recorded on June 1 and 5, as well as just hours before the lime leak on the 8th.

It has been understood that these issues have since been resolved. 

The details of this emerged at a meeting of Dublin City Council’s Environment SPC yesterday, where Dublin Waste to Energy reported such issues to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

According to 98FM, it was also revealed at the meeting that the EPA issued non-compliance notices over the dropping of temperatures to below an agreed level on three occasions and then failed to notify them of the breach.

Burning has been suspended while investigations are carried out.

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