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Dublin Students Forced To Apologise For Offensive Comments Towards Women On Radio Show

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Some UCD Students have been forced to apologise after they made offensive comments on a radio show.

The show, ‘Keepin’ It Country’ came under fire after certain students made offensive comments about female students.

They issued an apology on their Facebook page which said:

“We at ‘Keepin’ it Country’ wish to apologise for the recent comments made on the student radio show,” it said.

“We are sincerely apologetic to all who have been affected by the use of inappropriate language and disrespectful comments made on the show.

“These comments are not reflective of our personal viewpoints or that of the school of Agriculture and Food Science.

“We are aware that the comments made are not acceptable in the society in which we want to live in, that promotes equality and respect for all.

“We’ve accepted that we were wrong, and that there is a needed change of attitude regarding respectfulness and equality for everyone.”

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