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29th Mar 2017

Uh Oh – Traffic In The City Centre Is About To Get Even Slower


Ugh, as if driving in the city centre wasn’t already stressful enough, traffic is about to slow down even more.

Authorities have expanded a speed limit of 30kmh to a number of areas, including roads in Dolphin’s Barn, Smithfield and Kilmainham, and the new sped limit will come into effect from Friday.

The aim of the lower limit is to make communities calmer and safer for people living and working there.

There’s also plans to expand the 30kmh limit to futher residential zones in Dublin from May 31st, with the speed limit reduced in Sandymount, Drimnagh, Crumlin, and parts of Cabra and Glasnevin.

Green Party councillor Ciarán Cuffe said in the Irish Independent that he welcomes the change: 

“Speed is a major contributory factor to road deaths in the Republic of Ireland – 21% of all road deaths every year are caused by excessive speed with 54% of those fatalities being pedestrians.

“Lower speed limits save lives and improve the quality of life in our cities.”

The city’s default speed limit is currently 50kmh, however there have been moves to lower this since last May.

Guess we’ll just have to leave the house earlier in the morning so!

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