VIDEO: The Most Irish Thing To Happen At The Indiana State Fair

Best goat video ever

Anthony Hamilton Billy Goat

It's the kind of thing that would definitely happen at the Ballinasloe Horse Fair – a farm animal gets serenaded by a group of singers. 

Except, in this case, it's a teeny, tiny, adorable goat – and the singers are actually good, singing in harmony, and no one's (obviously) drunk.

In fact, the leetle goat is being serenaded by Grammy-winning R&B artist, Anthony Hamilton, and his backup singers, the Hamiltones (serious kudos for that excellent punnage).

Slight spanner in the works? Goat expert Susan Schoenian (best job title ever) told NPR that she's NOT EVEN SURE THAT'S A BILLY GOAT.

Written By

Rosemary MacCabe