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30th Nov 2018

WATCH: €210 A Week For An Apartment In Dublin 1 In The Middle Of A Building Site


Trying to find somewhere to rent in Dublin right now is beyond grim.

Extortionate rents, tiny rooms, inadequate amenities and over-crowding are par for the course when attempting to find yourself somewhere half decent to live.

A video posted on Twitter shows the wretched reality of the rental market is at the moment.

Posted online by PushPull Media, the video shows what is essentially a room with a couch, table and fridge squeezed into it. It’s so small that the mattress hasn’t been placed on the ground and there is barely any space between the table and couch.

What makes it even worse though, is the stairs down to the room. There are bins are full of rubbish, the steps are cracked and there is building debris strewn around by the front door.

The landlord can be heard in the video saying his other rooms have all been taken.

If they’re anything like this absolute shitshow, we feel very sorry for those poor people.

Hopefully they won’t have to live there for very long.

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