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24th Aug 2017

Young Family Appeals For Help After Losing All Their Belongings In A House Fire

James Fenton

A young family is appealing for donations after they lost all their belongings in a house fire. 

A 27-year-old mother called Aoife was celebrating her birthday, as well as her two-old-son’s, with relatives and friends when a fired engulfed the entrance of their home. 

Dublin Fire Brigade shared an image of the damage caused along with a warning to close internal doors to prevent the spread of fire. 

Friends of the family have launched an appeal on which reads: 

“Home lost in a fire! Friends come together to help best friend in need.

8 years ago at univserity, we met the most amazing and inspiring woman, who continues to work hard to support her family.

Her name is Aoife, a 27 year old Mom.


The evening of August 19th 2017, Aoife was celebrating her birthday as well as her son’s, who just turned 2 this month. It was a dinner organised by her partner of almost 4 years. 


Within the hour of everyone arriving at approx. 9:15pm, the unimaginable happened. Sitting around the table in the kitchen, laughing and celebrating, nobody knew that behind the door the entire entrance to the house was on fire- no smoke, no sound, nothing! It was through the crack in the doorframe that one of us noticed a flickering light. When we opened the door from the kitchen we saw the front door and stairs were already engulfed in flames at that stage, there was no putting it out. 


We ran out the back of the house to safety leaving everything behind and called for help. With that, the downstairs and the entire top floor of the house are destroyed. All belongings, clothes, furniture, the baby’s cot bed- everything! The photo above was taken by Dublin Fire Brigade and can be found on their official Twitter. 


As a young family, they do not have much disposable income or savings and insurance cannot help them. Her close friends have bought them some necessities, but they need help.


Please, please help this young family get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. Anything would be graciously appreciated. Thank you


We would also like to say a huge thank you to Dublin Fire Brigade!!!!”

So far, the appeal has raised almost €2,000 with a target of €3,000. You can help the family get over the line by donating here

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