6 Handy Places To Get Your Halloween Costumes At A Moment's Notice This Weekend

You've left it to the last minute again, haven't you?

Halloween Costumes

Okay, so we've dodged any kind of pre-planning and now Halloween weekend is here and we haven't a stitch to wear. 

Don't worry, what would any occasion be without a last minute panic dash to the shops? 

Here are 7 places you'll definitely find a decent costume just in time for the long weekend.

1. Woodies 

Yes, you heard us. Woodies DIY actually has a savage party section with loads of Halloween bits and pieces. 

This is a one-stop shop. 


2. H&M

H&M has plenty of cute and spooky accessories, but the real draw here are the animal onesies. That's basically the comfiest costume of all time in one. 


3. Done Deal 

Lads, this is the mother load. There is literally every conceivable kind of costume on here, and for a bargain, too. 


4. Penneys 

Ah, good old faithful strikes again. This is the spot for the more fashionable/low key party goers amongst you, who'll just want to nod to the occasion.

Penns 2

5. Halloween HQ

Well, it does what it says on the tin anyway. This Halloween megastore has popped up in Jervis and it's costume mecca. 

Get in and get sorted here, pronto. 

Hq 2
Hq 3

6. Art & Hobby 

We are not for a second suggesting you make a costume (unless you're that way inclined) – these guys have great masks and accessories and you'll find on in St Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Jervis and in Dun Laoghaire, too. 


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