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13th Aug 2017

7 Mouthwatering Recipes You Should Really Ask Someone Else To Make You This Morning


Sometimes the only things stopping us from making our own brunch at home is time and laziness… two problems made insignificant when someone else does the cooking.

It’s a Sunday, so we’re all spending that much longer in bed, a little bit more time lazing around the house, so why not experiment with some new recipes? 

Here are seven awesome recipes for breakfast or brunch you should try today.

1. Super posh brunch with leek and potato cakes

With this recipe, you can enjoy a fancy brunch without ever leaving the house.


2. The ultimate brunch burger — free range chicken, smoked bacon, avocado and egg

This brunch burger of ours is properly decadent.

Avocado Burger 1

3. Whopper cajun chicken pita with smashed avocado

This wonderful glorious culinary creation just goes to show how everything can be improved with a bit of avocado.

Cajun Chicken Pita

4. Spicy brunch burritos

These burritos are what you need in your life this weekend.


5. Whopper baked Irish breakfast tacos

These Irish tacos are perfect for dinnertime too.


6. 10-minute brunch chicken quesadillas

If you need something that tastes incredible and that’s really fast to make, these quesadillas are your best bet.


7. Lazy weekend pancakes

And finally, these drool-inducing pancakes are the perfect morning treat. Go forth and gorge!

Weekend Pancakes

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