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04th Jun 2019

RECIPE: Healthy Protein Pancakes That Are Incredibly Satisfying

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A good start is half the battle…

And these delicious (and healthy) protein pancakes seem like the perfect start to a kickass day.

This recipe was created for us by Andrew Sweeney as part of his Six Week Summer Shred – read more about that here. 

Read on for the simple and satisfying recipe.

Serves: 1
Time: 15 minutes


2 egg whites

50g of oats

80g of banana (or 1 medium banana)

30g of whey protein (vanilla will work best here)

50g of natural yoghurt

For the topping

30g of peanut butter

60g of raspberries

10g of honey


In a blender, add the egg whites, oats, banana, whey protein and natural yoghurt. Blitz until smooth and then transfer to the fridge for 5 minutes to thicken.

Heat a small/medium size pan and spray it with some low cal cooking spray. Remove the mix from the fridge and pour it on the pan (you can make them whatever size you like – I like to make small ones and stack them up). It will take roughly 1 minute each side to cook. You will need to spray the pan again after each pancake. Transfer each cooked pancake to a plate and leave aside while you finish the mix (to keep them warm you can put the plate in the oven on the lowest temperature).

For the topping, take half of the raspberries and add them to a small bowl with half of the honey and a drop of water. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir (It should almost melt into a jam type consistency). Do the same with the peanut butter adding in the rest of the honey and a drop of water if needed for consistency.

Pour the peanut butter mix on and top of the pancake stack along with the raspberry mix. Then top with the rest of the raspberries and dig in.