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20th Dec 2016

I Thought The Best Burger In Dublin Was Impossible To Equal – Then I Discovered This Masterpiece


For the last few years there has been absolutely no doubt about where to find the best burger in town. We’ve been raving about it since the first day it opened its doors; with three constantly packed restaurants (and more in the pipeline), you Dubliners clearly agree. 

However, today I discovered a burger so good that I have no hesitation placing it right beside Bunsen at the top of the burger charts in Dublin.

Up until recently Featherblade has mainly been known for steak, and very good steak at that, but after 7 months of testing they’ve just launched their first burger.

It comes with Bearnaise sauce and sweet slow-cooked onions, and as soon as you bite into it you know this is the real deal. 

As with all perfect burgers, I don’t want something that is going to break my jaw trying to fit my mouth around it, nor do I want hundreds of toppings. The bun is another key element and they’ve nailed that too. 

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Featherblade is more of a restaurant than Bunsen is, so their menu is slightly more extensive, meaning you’ll probably end up ordering a few extras and spending a little more. 

I’d say you are paying a good €10-12 extra once you add on extras here compared to Bunsen, but that’s fine because the setting is that little bit more luxurious. You could have a business meeting here and feel relatively formal, while eating amazing food.

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We ordered mac and cheese as a side order which was unnecessary given we had chips cooked in beef dripping on our plates, but when in Rome and all that… 

Pepper sauce on the side sealed the deal for me, because nothing tastes as good in life as a perfect crispy chip dunked in good pepper sauce. 

It took a few years and hundreds of valiant efforts across the city, but we can now officially say there is another burger every bit as good as Bunsen. 

Depending on personal taste you might even say this one is better. But I think they can live together perfectly happily, as there is now one for every occasion. 

Get down and try it. You won’t be disappointed…

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