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20th Dec 2016

You Have To Try This Savage New Dublin Cafe Before The Masses Descend


When you eat out as much as I do you tend to get a little blasé about new places opening in the city. They’re a dime to a dozen these days and, while some are genuinely exciting, so many others are average cookie-cutter versions of other places anyway.

It’s only a couple of times a year that I get truly excited about something and it is rarely the big fancy openings with huge marketing budgets that do it for me. 

Today I had one of those “take the breath away” moments as I discovered an absolute gem and a place that is going to become a permanent fixture on both the Dublin foodie and coffee scene. 

From the moment I walked into Meet Me In The Morning (just off Camden Street, if you turn down the junction by Devitt’s pub and Jerusalem) it stole my heart.

Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 47 18
Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 51 26

I tell a lie actually, as I liked the place even before I set eyes on it – it’s named after a Bob Dylan song, and any coffee shop looking to invoke the spirit of Bob will always get my vote.

But it also sets the bar pretty high. And this place truly delivered.

The place is small (until recently it was Sabor, the Brazilian place) but they’ve opened it up and made it bright and airy with the sun pouring in and quality tunes pumping (alas it wasn’t Dylan).

The coffee was outstanding, so good that I can imagine it appearing high on our future lists and awards for Dublin’s best coffee – but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 

Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 46 31
Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 47 54
Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 46 17

What stole the show though were the eggs with green veg, yoghurt and paprika – absolutely delicious. They came to the table looking like a Renaissance painting, to the point where it was a shame to cut into them.

As eggs come they were as good as I’ve had in the city.

Ironically the only places that come close for eggs are Sister Sadie, The Fumbally and Bibis all of which happen to be in the neighbourhood. Maybe the chickens lay better tasting eggs in Dublin 8?

That’s how it works. Right?

Anyhow, maybe it was the sun blasting through the window. Maybe it was the fact that it was a midweek treat brunch. It could even be the first two coffees of the day rushing through my veins as I write this. Whatever it was I thoroughly enjoyed this spot like no other review in the last year or so.

They do a savage lunch as well and judging from their pictures below it is every bit as good as the breakfast and coffee. 

The only possible downside I can find about the place is just how small it is and when the masses find about it none of us will ever get a seat again. 

So, sorry in advance. But if you hurry, there might still be time…

Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 47 41
Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 47 34
Screen Shot 2016 04 27 At 11 47 29

Meet me In The Morning By The Great Bob Dylan