The Perfect Paleo Brunch Smack Bang In The City Centre

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Brunch tends to be the kind of thing people avoid like the plague if they're trying to eat healthily..

There's no way that lashings of hollandaise sauce fit into a 'Clean Eating' regime. So generally it's easier to stay well away from brunch and whip up something low carb and high protein at home.

But ladies and gentleman we have some good news for you, in that the brunch game in Dublin is changing... Low carb options are sneaking onto brunch menus across the city and waiters no longer look as disgusted as they used to when you ask that your dish does not get drowned in sauce. Even better again, there is now a spot where you can get a 100% paleo brunch. Paleo! Did you ever hear the like?

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Tamarama is a fantastic little café on Aungier Street which we wrote about last year, and they now do a paleo brunch at the weekends. The menu only has a handful of dishes on it, and they're all super reasonable at €9 a pop.

While everything looked amazing, I had to drag myself away from my usual go to of smoked salmon, avocado and poached eggs when I saw the gluten free cooked breakfast on the menu. There are a few things you tend to miss when on a gluten free diet, and good sausages is one of them; so this dish complete with gluten free pork sausages, sweet potato, onions, eggs, rocket and nut bread was calling my name.

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We ordered a juice each to tide over the hangovers until the food arrived, and the freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juices were not only beautifully presented with a candy striped straw but also perfectly refreshing.

The first thing we noticed when the food arrived was the hefty portion size, and we tucked in immediately hoping that this was going to cure us. The pork sausages were incredible, you could tell they were 100% meat with some herbs mixed in for flavour, and not a sniff of a filler. The veg was an extremely welcome addition, ensuring some vitamins were being consumed while eating what was technically a 'fry'.

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I'm not a massive fan of fried eggs but the sunny side ups were just runny enough, and my pal commented that her scrambled eggs were perfect. However, it was the nut bread that stole the show, unbelievably crusty with a super soft interior - so good, in fact, that we considered asking for more. Thankfully we didn't though, because we were absolutely stuffed by the time we'd finished.

If there had been any space left we would definitely have shared the paleo french toast as dessert, but we vowed to return another day to try that out. The bill came to €28 in total, and I genuinely wasn't hungry until about 7pm that evening so if you're looking for a healthy brunch that's easy on your wallet, pop along to Tamarama this weekend.

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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