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08th Nov 2021

10 years later, everyone’s favourite serial killer show is making a comeback

Rory Cashin

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The first episode of the comeback series is available to watch today!

If you’re a massive fan of serial killer shows then you probably knew this already, but Dexter is back!

Yep, 10 full years after (spoilers for a show that ended in 2013) Dexter disappeared in the eye of Hurricane Laura, we are reunited with the killer (still played by the fantastic Michael C. Hall), who is now living under a new identity, in a remote part of New York.

But as is always the case whenever you try to keep a part of your life completely buried, it isn’t long before the past has caught up with him.

A series of unexpected events send Dexter on a collision course with his own ultra-violent history, and the early reviews are very positive.

The show returns in the States on Sunday, and we’ll get it the very next day thanks to NOW’s Entertainment Membership, where you can also watch the first season seasons of Dexter, too!

Here are just some of the early reviews for Dexter: New Blood

TV Guide – “It’s thrilling to watch a series find its footing once again, one that is as chilling as ever, and come into present day grappling with today’s complex ideologies of redemption and a potential myth of goodwill. It is as dark as it is thoughtful.”

Entertainment Weekly – “Based on the four episodes made available for review, the revival is a solid effort at creative redemption.”

Decider – “The best thing about Dexter: New Blood is that it is unapologetically fun. The episodes sent to critics are full of dark – borderline campy – humour and some truly compelling human drama.”

The first episode of Dexter: New Blood will be available to watch with a NOW with your Entertainment Membership from Monday, 8 November, with the rest of the episodes arriving weekly each Monday after that.

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