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20th Dec 2016

14 Dreamy Spots In Dublin Where You Can Let Your Dog Off Their Lead


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that dogs are potentially our favourite beings, and maybe the best things to exist. Ever.

And what’s deadly for those of us who dwell in the capital is that you’re never more than 30 minutes away from a spot where you can let your best pal roam free, safely, off the lead.

Here are some of our favourites…

1. Killiney Hill

All good dogs go to Killiney Hill, or at least they should anyway; it’s puppy paradise. A gorgeous spot to go for a walk, and even a dip after on the beach if you’re feeling brave.

There’s also an incredible dog-friendly cafe – located by the Victoria Gates in the square tower – in which you can perch while you can legally let your dogs off leash and run to their heart’s content.

Killiney Hill

2. Griffeen Valley Dog Park, Lucan

The enormous park, comprising more than 200 acres, is formed from a series of public open spaces. The first and oldest section is the popular little town park smack bang in the middle of Lucan Village.

In recent years, Griffeen has, gained an ideal dog park in which leads can be gleefully abandoned inside the double gates. So your pups can run the legs off themselves, while you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws.


3. Marlay Park, Rathfarnham

Marlay Park is full of enclosed spaces in which dogs can be off leash, once you and yours are inside the double gates. For those of you into fitness, there are plenty of nice runs for off-lead time.

There’s also has a great market on a Saturday morning for mid-walk treats. Important.


4. Corkagh Park Dog Park, Clondalkin

Corkagh Park has an incredible dog zone. It has an official off-lead area, which is properly secure, so you can let your little buddy run free with total and utter peace of mind.

There are also water facilities aplenty, which is great news, as the little ones will be knackered and parched from all the freedom.

AND it has this handy Facebook page, to keep you up to date with all the goings-on. How civilised.


5. Bushy Park, Terenure

A top (dog) spot along the dodder, especially if your little pal is a swimmer. You’ll often see dogs strutting freely about D6W like they own the place – and who are we to disagree?


6. Slade Valley Forest, Saggart

This is a hidden treasure of a spot which has hosted various XC (Cross Country) events over the years including the Leinster League and NPS races. So, if you’re looking for somewhere a little different to get walkies in, and somewhere to spot cool shit happening, this is your man.

And the forest itself is off-lead. Perfect.


7. Burrow Beach, Sutton

Known to locals as the Hole-In-The-Wall beach, Burrow beach in Sutton is a an absolute dog paradise – once the weather isn’t that bit too good and it ends up full of children.

The beach itself is fully accessible by DART, and after your long stroll make sure to treat yo self to Beshoff’s The Market for Dublin’s best oysters.


8. St Anne’s, Raheny

There always seems to be something happening in St Anne’s, whether it’s band performances, pitch and putt or tree sculpture. It’s off-lead from opening until 11am, and during the last hour before close, but generally the wardens are pretty lax about it all. They must be dog-lovers like ourselves.

There is also a dedicated dog park beside the model car track where dogs may be let off lead at all other times.


9. Ballawley Park, Dundrum

Ballawley Park is a quiet and very well-maintained spot in a beautiful residential area in Dublin 14. It’s popular with dog owners, so although at first sight the place might seem secluded, it is not. Perfect for if your dog gets stressed around crowds.

Super dog friendly. Super off-lead.


10. Ticknock Hill

Ticknock is a prime puppy location, located in the Dublin Mountains, only a half hour on the 44B bus or car journey’s time from the centre of Dublin, 3km from Sandyford. Plenty of parking, and plenty of breath-taking scenery awaits you upon arrival.

It’s enormous and spacious and your pup can get a great run in while you take in the views.


11. Memorial Gardens, Kilmainham

A great off-lead spot, absolutely stunning and right opposite Phoenix Park – handy eh?

How does sunken rose gardens, herbaceous borders and extensive tree planting sound to you? Pretty good we’d imagine. And your dog will have an absolute ball racing up and down those steps.

Memorial Rose-Garden 001

12. Montpelier Hill

AKA The ‘Hellfire Club’. 

Legend has it that Montpelier Hill was once the meetup spot of a troupe of messers who used a tavern in Cork Hill (next to Dublin Castle) as their meeting place, but were dismissed for bad behaviour – hence the name ‘Hellfire Club’. Dripping in history, the cool kind.

So, basically, here’s a spot to be sound to your pup, while still being a badass.


13. Dollymount Strand

Dollymount is a picturesque five kilometre stretch of dunes and beach, located on the National Nature Reserve and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Bull Island. 

It is accessed by either the famous wooden bridge in Clontarf or via the Causeway Road, a further kilometre down the road, for those who really feel like stretching their legs. Loads of parking, great scenes and you may even spot a wind-surfer or two on a good day. Oh, and the pups will love it too.

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14. And finally, Phoenix Park

Dublin’s biggest park is also one of the largest walled city parks in Europe with an 11km perimeter wall enclosing a whopping 1,750 acres. Absolutely endless possibilities here for walks with your canine friend. 

There may be a chance you won’t even see them, but just to be wary of them around the surrounding deer, remember they actually live there. Apart from that, you can let the little one run free!

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