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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Places In Dublin To Eat Or Drink With Your Dogs In Tow


We are huge dogs lovers here at Lovin Dublin and although our city is not especially dog friendly we decided to compile a list of places where you can bring them with you when heading out for a bite to eat, some coffee or even a pint. The simple truth is that this was one of the hardest lists ever to put together because Dublin is a very dog unfriendly city. Most shops, restaurants and public places ban them completely and it is only guide dogs who are allowed on public transport. What would be really great is if we all shared any other great spots we know of in the comments so as our doggy friends can benefit from this list as well and enjoy some time out with us all…


Frank Ryan’s Smithfield

Real old mans pub in the heart of Smithfield that feels as if it is from another generation. They’ll allow you to bring your pooch in for a pint and if you ask nicely you’ll even get a little drinking bowl of water for them while you enjoy your pint.

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Metro Cafe

This cafe on the corner of South William Street has an artsy hippy feel to it and you can happily sit with your dog outside and watch the world go past. People sit there all year round with heaters to keep you warm and you’ll have all sorts stopping to pet the dog!

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Marley Food Market

Bit of a cheat as the entire market is outside but Marley park is a super spot to take the dog for a big stroll, stuff your face with food from the lovely stalls and also meet loads of other dogs and people.


Antoinettes Bakery

The best thing about this is that you can dress it up as a treat for your dog being able to get inside somewhere, but really you are going here to stuff your face with their delicious cakes and treats for yourself.


Cake Cafe

Another spot where you will be able to get some nice lunch and a great slice of cake while your doggy relaxes beside you. Sitting under the sheds will provide cover from the elements and the only worry you’ll have is the dog begging for food as you eat.


The Gravediggers

One of the most iconic bars in Dublin that we recently named as having the best pint of Guinness in Dublin, the good news is that you can take a dog with you into the bar end of the place. No luck getting them into the lounge where they serve food but a good start.



One of our all time favourite bars in Dublin for the laid back atmosphere and the kicking tunes and also somewhere that you can bring your dog to sit by your side while you enjoy a pint. They even have a bowl of water out for the dogs at most times.


Tea Rooms – Phoenix Park

We are so lucky to have one of the biggest open parks in Europe to walk dogs in and after stretching both your legs you can pop into the tea rooms and grab some grub while your doggy relaxes outside with you getting their energy back for the next walk.

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O’Briens Sussex Road

This pub just on the other side of Leeson Bridge is super dog friendly and you’ll often see a few pooches in here drinking from water bowls as their owners stop off for a well deserved drink half way through their walk.

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The Fumbally

The Fumbally are amazing at a lot of things including food, friendly service and laid back tunes but the fact that you can bring dogs with you ties in perfectly with their whole philosophy. The last time I was there the staff gave me all the left over pulled pork for my dogs which went down an absolute treat. Having dogs in here just adds to the wicked buzz as well.

You have to think there is a huge marketing opportunity here for a Dublin bar or restaurant to make a song and dance about the fact that they allow dogs. They’d have tons of customers flocking to their premises and if it happens in all other cities without any issues why can’t we do it in Dublin. I totally understand that some people wouldn’t want dogs around while eating or drinking but a small number of better solutions would keep everybody happy. Share any other options that you guys know and lets expand this list.

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