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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Italian Restaurants In Dublin


Considering Ireland are playing Italy tomorrow, it seemed like the perfect time to draw up a top ten of the best Italian restaurants in Dublin. Italian food is known for its flavour and colour, and it’s probably the type of food that has infiltrated our home cooking most – with everyone from students to families, young professionals to retired people using Italian recipes and ingredients as a staple in our kitchens. We’ve a whole rake of Italian restaurants across the city, and it was difficult whittling them down to a top ten, but here’s the final cut…

10. Etto

Insanely good food, real rich Italian cooking. Not just pasta on offer here but really traditional recipes, and brilliant coffee.


9. Pasta Fresca

Their pasta is so fresh you’d think it’s sent from above, great little spot that’s been open for nearly 30 years so they know what they’re doing.


8. Toscana

Delicious restaurant on Dame Street, the beauty of this place is they have their own farm in Wicklow so all ingredients used in their kitchen is their own organic produce.


7. Dunne & Crescenzi

Authentic cuisine with lovely staff, massive kudos to them for the most garlic infused mussels you’ll ever taste. They also do hefty salads for anyone trying to avoid the carbs.

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6. Paulie’s Pizza

Real Italian pizza with the toppings you would expect on the continent – non of this ham and pineapple stuff. The real deal.

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5. Belluccis

Really tasty food, incredible anti pastis that will have you licking the plate, and a gorgeous garden for al fresco dining during the Summer.


4. Mario’s

This is the perfect family restaurant, with three outlets in Terenure, Sandymount and Terenure. Extensive menu with really great meat and fish choices as well as the usual pizza and pasta.

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3. Manifesto

It might not look like much from outside, but appearances can be deceiving. This is the best pizza you will taste in Dublin.


2. Il Primo

Risotto that oozes with a whole myriad of flavours, and their pork belly is so good it melts in your mouth.


1. Da Mimmo

You could be forgiven for thinking that you’re actually in Italy when you enter Da Mimmo. This restaurant is a little hidden gem, tucked away on North Strand Road. Huge portions andthe freshest ingredients, you do not get much more Italian than this place.

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Now, let’s just hope that Ireland hammer Italy tomorrow and we can all celebrate by gloating as we eat some Italian food!

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