7 Super-Simple Meaty Meals To Help You Refuel After A Workout

Your body needs fuel. So fuel it.


We all know that a good gym session has to be followed with an even better feed.

And while protein shakes are all fine and well, there's nothing quite like a well balanced meal – pulling together all the macro- and micronutrients your body is craving – to get you back on track.

Here are seven meaty meals that will fuel the machine and tickle your tastebuds all at once.

1. Bacon-wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken

It may look decadent, but this meal has almost everything you need to get your body back in order after a gruelling session.

Bursting with protein from the chicken and the bacon, and with healthy fats from the avocado, all this needs is a side of sweet potato to provide the carbs your body needs.

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2. One-skillet paleo Mediterranean chicken

Simple and quick to prepare, bursting with taste and all the nutrients you could possibly need, this is one you can whip up in advance and be left with minimal washing-up to do at the end.

Be sure to throw in an extra fillet on to the recipe as it's listed in the link, though. You need that protein!

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3. Paleo turkey stuffed peppers

This is compact, simple and makes great use of turkey – the unsung hero of the meat world.

But it's also a bit low-calorie, so you may want to throw on a side of sweet potato and add in some crushed nuts to bulk it up; don't forget your body needs carbs to refuel the rebuilding process as powered by the protein, and fats to regulate our digestion.

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4. Chili lime chicken

Swap out the skin-on chicken thighs for fillets here, and get healthier fats instead from either a side of avocado – which will complement the chili lime flavouring to perfection – or a sprinkle of feta.


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5. Ginger beef, mushroom and kale stirfry

Once again, the beauty of this recipe lies within its simplicity – and at its heart is protein-packed, tasty lean beef. Perf.

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6. Sweet potato bacon burger bites with maple chipotle

Once again, the all-important carbs are in play here – these are what refuel the glycogen stores in your tired muscles, and will work alongside the protein to expedite your recovery. 

So with these sweet-potato based bites, you're definitely on to a winner, provided you eat them alongside a healthy source of fats – chuck an egg on top and you're laughing. 

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7. Chinese beef and broccoli stir-fry

Beef, beef, glorious beef. Throw this beaut on alongside some wholegrain rice, and stir in a spoonful of cashew nut butter to bring the fats and boost the taste.

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