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20th Apr 2020

Here’s a core sequence you should try at home

Brian Dillon

Here's a core sequence you should try at home

Want to relax and reset while also strengthening those core muscles? We have teamed up with VITHIT to bring you this core sequence that’s great for just that.

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You’re going to complete this routine a total of three times. Pilates instructor Caoimhe O’Dwyer is back again to show us exactly how it’s done.

First of all, you’re going to slowly place your spine down onto your mat, with your head on the floor, feet on the mat and hands by your sides.  Keeping your lower back in place, think about a sheet of paper being able to slide underneath your lower back. Don’t completely imprint but don’t arch your lower back either.

Exhale as you lift your right leg, take a breath in and then exhale to lift your left leg.

Push your legs away as your legs push into your hands for five breath cycles.

When releasing, bring the feet down slowly. Now, you’ll do a couple of pelvic tilts by bringing your knees to your chest and gently rocking from side to side.

And then it’s time for another challenge in this core sequence. Bring your knees back into that tabletop position.

Inhale as you drop your left leg down towards the floor, keeping the angle at your knee. As your foot comes to the floor, lengthen the leg and sweep it straight up and bend it to return to tabletop position. Then repeat on the other leg.

core sequence movement with Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Do four more of these, working at a pace you’re comfortable with.

When you’re done, place your feet on the floor slowly.

Bring your hands behind your head, lengthen your left leg and point your right leg up towards the ceiling.

core sequence movement with Caoimhe O'Dwyer

From here, you’re going to inhale as you slowly drop your right leg over your left towards the floor, keeping your elbows on the floor. Exhale as you bring it back up.

core sequence movement with Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Repeat this on the opposite leg. Go for four more of these, working with your breath to control your movements.

To finish this core sequence, bend your legs, hug your knees into your chest and gently rock from side to side. When you’re ready, repeat this series of movements and challenges two more times.

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