Now You Can Ditch Your CV And Have It Turned Into A Professional Online Bio – For Free

But you have to get in there by Monday...

Jobbio Scrappge Cv

When you think about it, your standard CV is kinda outdated – which is why this Irish job site is starting a ‘CV scrappage scheme’.

Jobbio – an online careers platform based right here in Dublin – has spent the last two weeks trying to update recruitment by helping job hunters by trashing their stagnant CVs and replacing them with live bios on their website.

All users need to do is email their CV to the company and then... well, that's it actually. You might want to hurry, though, as the scheme ends on Monday.

According to the company, bios trump standard resumés as they’re not built to an arbitrary length with unnecessary filler – instead, a user’s work can be better showcased through projects, web links, portfolios and video.

Grace Looney, the company's Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Effective hiring needs to ensure that talent and companies are directly connected, in private, with up-to-date information on both sides – so there are no more missed career opportunities.”

By setting up a bio on Jobbio, hunters will be connected to over 2,500 companies, such as Uber, Deliveroo, Nielsen, Airbnb, Young’s Pub group, Brewdog, Claridge’s Hotel, Yelp and Etsy. 

If you’re interested in setting up a Jobbio Bio, just send your CV to and they’ll sort out the rest.

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