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03rd Jul 2020

Pack the snacks – here’s what’s on at the drive-in this weekend

Sarah Finnan

Drive-in movie

There’s something about watching a film on the big screen that just adds to the whole experience. It’s why going to the pictures first became so popular, and it’s now part of the reason people have rediscovered their love for drive-in movies.

Drive-in movies have become all the rage lately and understandably so. Giving people the chance to go out and have safe, socially distanced fun, they’re also perfectly suited to Irish weather – which we all know can be unpredictable at the best of times.

Well versed in putting on outdoor movies, Retro Drive-In have been in business for five years now and you can bet that they have plenty planned for summer 2020. Continuing the fun this weekend, there are showings at both Leopardstown and Slane Castle so alls you got to do is choose your movie, buy your ticket and pack the snacks (NEVER forget the snacks!).

Here’s what’s on this weekend: 


  • Friday – The Wolf Of Wall Street
  • Saturday – Mean Girls, Independence Day
  • Sunday – Grease, There’s Something About Mary and Copper Face Jacks – The Musical

Slane Castle

  • Saturday – UP, The Goonies, Back To The Future

Reassuring the public that it’s a 100 per cent safe event, there’s no need to even leave your car as tickets can be scanned through closed car windows.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with drive-in movies ever since that iconic scene in Grease so I know what I’ll be watching. You can pick up tickets here.

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