This chair yoga is great for those of us who spend a lot of time at a desk

By Brian Dillon

April 8, 2020 at 12:20pm



If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, then we would definitely recommend this quick chair yoga routine.

Even when we're not working from home, many of us spend eight to ten hours per day sitting at a desk. So it's no surprise that it can have some lasting damaging effects on our bodies.

We have once again teamed up with VITHIT to bring you another fab home workout. This time, it's chair yoga.

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Pilates instructor Caoimhe O'Dwyer shows us exactly how it's done.


Sit up nice and tall. Tuck your tailbone under, tilting the pelvis backwards to get a nice lengthening in the lower back.

Sit tall again, tilting your pelvis forwards, creating an arch in the lower back.  Repeat that a couple more times to bring a bit of movement into the lumbar spine.

From there, begin to create circles. Make sure this movement is coming from the pelvis. The repeat in the opposite direction.

Let your left arm drop down and bring your right arm up to sit tall and move into a side bend. Your neck should move freely while doing this. Switch sides, exhaling as you bend. Go for a couple more of these.


Next in this chair yoga, you’re going to turn your body and bring your left hand onto the right side of the chair and your right hand on the back. Then repeat on the opposite side, looking behind you. Do two more of these.

Stand up and place your left foot up onto your chair. Tuck your tailbone under and squeeze your back glute. Imagine there’s a string in front of your pelvis pulling you forward slightly. Come in and out of that movement ten times to release tension in the hip flexors.

Then, go for ten on the other side.

For the last stretch in this chair yoga routine, you’re going to place your hands on the back of the chair and walk out and open up through the hamstrings and the back. Allow your belly button and your ribs to fall to the floor but keeping your neck nice and long with your nose parallel to the floor.


Begin the repeated movement of arching your back then letting your stomach drop to the floor, keeping your legs nice and straight. If you don’t have the mobility, you can bend through the knees slightly.

This chair yoga quick routine is super effective when done a couple of times a day.

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