Want to try pilates for the first time? This is a great beginner's pilates routine

By Brian Dillon

April 22, 2020 at 10:37am



This beginner's pilates routine is the ideal way to get started.

Pilates has become very popular as of late. And that's because it's a great way to relax and stay in shape.

Over the past few weeks, we have teamed up with VITHIT to bring you a series of home workouts including plenty of pilates routines. But if you've been wanting to try but weren't sure where to start, this is the beginner's pilates routine for you.

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Pilates instructor Caoimhe O'Dwyer shows us how it's done. You're going to do this workout three times.

Roll yourself down onto the mat, placing your feet flat on the floor (knees bent), head rested and arms by your side.


Proceed to press your lower back into the mat and arch it away.

Exhale to lift your right leg into a table-top position so that your knee is above your hip.

Bring your right hand up and place a little bit of pressure on the leg as it pushes back. Hold that for five breath cycles.

If that is too difficult, you can bring the hand down and just hold your leg in that position. Once you've brought your leg down, do a couple more pelvic tilts.

On your next exhale, lift your left leg into the tabletop position and repeat the above on the opposite side.


Turn on your side and rest your head in your palm as your knees are bent and heels together. Proceed to lift the top knee away from the bottom knee.

Allow the top knee to slowly fall down onto the bottom knee. Go for four more of these.

Once you've completed that, lift the top leg up so it's parallel to the bottom leg. Bring your top knee towards your bottom knee as your heel goes towards the ceiling. Repeat that internal rotation four more times.

After that, you're going to repeat these movements on the opposite side.

Once they are completed, come into a box position to work on some shoulder stabilisation. bring your hands wider than your hips and your knees below your hips.


Shift your weight slightly over the shoulders. On your inhale, you're going to bend your elbows to bring your nose close to the mat.

Exhale as you slowly push up.

To get a super detailed breakdown, make sure to check out the video above. Once you've completed it, you're going to go back to the start two more times.

We have teamed up with VITHIT to bring you loads of great home workouts just like this one.

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