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30th Apr 2021

A new horsebox coffee truck has opened in South Dublin

James Fenton

Shankill has welcomed a new horsebox coffee truck in the form of Inhale Coffee Bar.

Inhale opened to the public on Thursday and will be serving hot beverages, sweet & savoury treats and more. In a post after a successful first day in business, they wrote: ‘We are so thankful for everyone who came to visit us today. We cannot believe the overwhelming support from not only family and friends but the community of Shankill for making us feel welcome.

‘Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. Time to start preparing more sausage rolls to keep up demand! ? Open tomorrow 7am for all you coffee lovers ☕☀️.’–B8Jz/

Freshly baked pastries, sausage rolls, energy balls and more to kick off your long weekend. Nothing wrong with that.