A Dublin Cyclist Is Coming Under Fire For Uploading A Video Of This Exchange

What do you think of the situation?

A Dublin cyclist uploaded this video yesterday, and many of those who viewed it aren't happy.

CycleDub records footage on his GoPro as he rides around the city and on this particular day he found the cycle lane obstructed by a parked car. When the cyclist confronted the driver, the lady explained that she had a punctured tyre and had been waiting on the AA to arrive for an hour.

When the cyclist asked why she hadn't just parked around the corner, she explained that she had tried that but an oncoming car forced her back. She said she was "really sorry" before the man left the scene and said that she'd ring them again to speed things up.

While the video might suggest that the driver acted incorrectly in this scenario, commenters beneath the video appear to be criticising the cyclist's behaviour.

Here are a few comments. 

You know something, it would have been less time and effort for you to help the lady change the wheel and get her on her way, than to edit and upload this clip (and defend yourself in the comments).

Jim Smit

Endangering cyclists what UTTER bullshit... indicate out and go around like a normal person instead of harassing an old woman with a flat tyre.


Poor woman was clearly embarrassed and distressed, last thing she needed was a clown telling her that she's endangering cyclists when she was taking advice from the AA and awaiting assistance. He could have helped the woman change the tyre rather than berate the woman.

Damian Savage

Would you not have offered to help change the tyre? Maybe solve the issue rather than complain. 

Daithí Ó Coinnigh

The cyclist replied to the above comment,

I asked her to move round the corner, and if she had, I could have helped her change the tyre, but I'm not going to be party to further blocking of the cycle lane, and I'm certainly not going to risk my backside or my head sticking out into traffic to change her tyre.


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