WATCH: These Dublin Girls Were Terrorised By Seagulls While Locked On A Rooftop Yesterday

And their helpful neighbours recorded the whole thing

If you laugh at this you're officially a bad person.

A couple of Dublin girls were out enjoying the sunshine on their building's rooftop yesterday when they discovered that the door had locked behind them.

Already in a panicked state, matters were made even worse when a seagull starting diving at the ladies, resulting in, what some might call, overly-dramatic wailing.

Good thing their neighbours were on hand to record the whole thing, adding this caption:

So these girls were having a lovely chill out on the roof of our building and went to head back only to see the door got stuck and they were trapped. Their friends went to get a knife to try and wedge the door open. In the meantime this occurred. Don't worry they survived without a scratch and got out fairly shorty after this.

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