WATCH: This Video Of Driving Through Dublin City In The 70's Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Flared trousers and Volkswagen vans as far as the eye can see

70S Vid

Cast your mind back to the days of cars driving down Grafton Street, the entire country dressed in flares, and an O'Connell Street with not a Spire in sight.

This glorious retro video of two friends who filmed their drive through the city centre on September 4, 1976 is a blast from the hippy past.

The footage was posted by William McQuillan, who said:

"My dad and his friend filmed themselves driving around Dublin city centre on 4th of September 1976. They drove down Grafton Street and up by Dame Street by the central bank (still being built) then down past Trinity College and up to the top of O'Connell street. Check out the flares and 1970's cars."

Good luck driving that route in just three minutes today!

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