"The World's First Buckfast 99 Ice Creams" Are Available In This Dublin Pub

This is not a drill, we repeat, NOT A DRILL.

Buckfast May

We like Buckfast... we like parties... 

If you are an honorary member of the 'I fecking love Buckfast' club, then you'll already know that World Buckfast Day Is Fast Approaching And Pubs All Over Ireland Will Be Celebrating and one the pubs throwing a whopper sesh is in the capital. 

The Bernard Shaw will be paying homage to the liquid of champions on May 12th.

They’ve been serving it in the place as they said themselves, "through good times and bad", for 12 whole years now.

They'll be throwing a party that includes what is being described as "the world's first Buckfast 99 ice creams," which has made us extremely excited. 

They'll also have:

  • Buckfast Chicken Lunch via our Shaw Cafe [ Boneless chicken thigh, purple broccoli and roasted cauliflower.
  • Brewtonic present ‘Fancy Bucky’. MVP’s Anna Walsh special version of the legendary concoction.
  • Buckfast Wine & Cheese Boards
  • Buckfast Quiz
  • Buckfast Bingo + DJs

We were going to say, 'if you want to find out more' but we're going to just skip that (because let's face it, you can't refuse a Buckfast 99) and say if you want to book in, you can get on to the pub at info@thebernardshaw.com or alternatively 01 9060218.

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