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12th Mar 2020

BrewDog hosting new weekly pub quiz

Sarah Finnan

BrewDog pub quiz

There’s a new pub quiz in town.

Exercising your brain is necessary too, something Dr Kawashima taught me back in the Nintendo DS glory days.

Anyone else remember ‘Train Your Brain’? It was all fun and games until my siblings started cheating and it became impossible to beat their scores… I’m a little competitive in case you couldn’t tell.

Whether you’ve moved past gaming consoles as a means to exercise your brain or not (no judgement, they’re insanely fun), pub quizzes are another fun way to get your daily mental workout in.

Finding pub quizzes in Dublin is usually easy work as they’re quite plentiful, and there’s about to be yet another one to add to the list.

Launching their first weekly quiz night in Ireland, the BrewDog pub quiz will kick off at the Dublin Outpost this Paddy’s Day.

BrewDog pub quiz

The event is free of charge but organisers have told us that there are loads of prizes up for grabs, including a €60 voucher… so they’d basically be paying you to do the quiz if you won that one.

Run by Question One, they host over 200 quizzes a week across the UK, Australia, Poland and the USA and their format has already proven to be very popular.

If you can’t make it out to BrewDog this week, fear not as it’s set to take place every Tuesday at 7pm. It’s a no-phone zone though so be prepared for some good old fashioned face to face interaction.

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