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Discover Dublin: Did You Know You Can Go Kayaking With Seals In Dalkey?

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For a city that’s right beside the water, we really don’t get out in it enough.

Growing up beside the sea, I’ve always said I couldn’t live in a place that doesn’t have beaches. Moving up to Dublin in my late teens, I was so happy that I could be a city girl and still be only a few minutes from the water, wherever I was.

Over the summer with the hot weather, I had lots of opportunities to get out and go swimming or doing water sports. It’s a great way to clear the head after a day in work and I always feel great after a dip.

After an amazing trip SUPing, I wanted to try some more fun activities in Dublin. While researching, I came across my dream scenario.

You can kayak with seals in Dalkey.

Yep, you’ve heard me right.

Sea dogs.



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Seals are so floppy and friendly, I think they are the most adorable creatures ever.

The guided kayaking tours are designed for beginners, no experience is required. You will have the chance to see the stunning coastline and wildlife from the comfort of your kayak.

The tours include all equipment, all you need is swimwear, shoes and a towel and you’re good to go.

They leave from Bullock Harbour at 9.30am and 2pm daily. It’s only a 12 minute walk from the DART station or else there’s free parking on site.

The seals are very used to kayakers and have no problem posing for a photo.


After the paddle, you can explore the charming village of Dalkey and try some of the stunning restaurants.



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This trip would be a deadly date idea, really does sound like the dream.

Think I should start dropping hints.

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