A Harry Potter Convention Is Coming To Dublin And We Can't Handle The Excitement

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Harry Potter Still

Cant. cope.

A Harry Potter convention is coming to Dublin, and we're already fishing out the movies for another movie marathon.

It will be held in the Red Cow Moran Hotel on the 3rd and 4th of November.

The convention promises to be 'immersive, intimate and fan focused."

They want to get as many like-minded witches and wizards as possible together for two fun, magical-filled days.

And we're all about that.

Over the two days, you can expect.

  • Diagon Alley themed market
  • Gameshow & fun interactive games
  • Enchanted escape rooms
  • Wizard bingo
  • Owls and magical creatures
  • Marauder's Map scavenger hunts
  • Cosplay contests
  • A Yule Ball so you can dance the night away, wizard style
  • Panels and talks

Tickets are €30 per day and we're more than prepared to pay that.

"You’re a wizard, Harry."


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Jennifer Cosgrove