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22nd Oct 2021

There’s a Halloween roller disco happening at this D12 spot!

Fiona Frawley

The obsession I have with this kind of event is not normal.

Roller discos are a very specific brand of nostalgic. Not TK red lemonade nostalgic, or Dustin the Turkey Christmas album nostalgic. More the type of nostalgia that’s quintessentially American, but after years of immersing ourselves in American tv and culture, we feel it’s part of our past too. I see an ad for a roller disco and think “oh yeah, I know them! From the 80s flashbacks in every American movie ever!” I’ve watched this kind of scene so often, I feel like it’s part of my own childhood when in actual fact, tis far from roller discos I was reared.

Maybe I’ve just lived a sheltered life when it comes to wheel based sports. A quick google search told me that roller discos did actually make it to Ireland during the 70’s and 80’s, with rinks in Dublin and Bray, Wicklow in 1979 (thanks, RTÉ archives). I guess they just weren’t part of my own upbringing, so seeing them advertised now gets me unnaturally hyped. My own personal fascination aside, rollerskating became THE hobby of lockdown, so the timing has never been better for this type of event. Anyway, I’m rambling. Let me get to the good bit.

There’s a Halloween Roller Disco happening at the Rink @ D12 in Walkinstown on Friday 29th of October. The combination of roller skating and fancy dress has me giddy, in all honesty. They’ll be prizes for the best costume and it just sounds like the perfect date night, or get together with pals. You can book your tickets HERE.

Seeya on the rink!

Header image via Instagram/therinkatd12

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