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17th Jan 2020

There’s a huge Taylor Swift club night coming to Dublin

Sarah Finnan

A Taylor Swift club night is coming to Dublin.

 Swiftogeddon if you will.

Controversial opinion – I think the old Taylor Swift stuff is far better. There, I said it.
But whether you love her or loathe her, you can’t deny she has some absolute bangers.

Anyone remember the iconic video for You Belong with Me? What about the emotional Teardrops On My Guitar or Love Story?

Like I said…bangers.

Swiftogeddon – the Taylor Swift club night – is doing the rounds across the UK at the minute and good news for Irish fans as organisers have also announced a Dublin date.

Clear a blank space in your calendar stat.

The event listing reads:

“A night dedicated to worshipping at the altar of Taylor Swift: non-stop Swifty all night: deep cuts, extended mixes, fan favourites and all the hits.”

Sign. Us. UP.

Taking place at The Grand Social on March 20th and 11pm. Tickets cost under a tenner and you can get yours here.

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