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20th Jan 2020

There’s a star signs themed Valentine’s party happening in Dublin next month

Sarah Finnan

Star signs themed Valentine's party

Tired of the swipe-happy dating scene? Then this is the event for you.

A Valentine’s gathering with a difference, When Stars Align will see magic and mysticism come together for a night of romance inspired by the star signs.

Organised by H&G Creations, the event will see hallowed white walls of D-Light Studios transformed into an otherworldly playground of immersive art installations.

Guests are encouraged to let the cosmos guide them and take a sip of love potion to find their soul mate, compatible companion or twin flame.

And if you’ve been looking for another reason to break out the festival glitter then this is it as all attendees are asked to “become one” with their birth chart and dress according to the constellations that define them and their star signs.

Think outfits inspired by the four elements -fire, water, earth and air – so anything glitzy, glam and distinctly you. Let these get-ups be your inspo.

Air star signs Earth star signs Fire star signs Water sign

Keep it casual, you know?

Speaking of the event, Sinead Bailey Kelly of H&G Creations said:

“We are calling all Leos to be their lavish-selves, Scorpios to throw their infamous shade and Cancers to bring an extra pack of Kleenex for the crying circle. Let your hearts be free with us and trust in the stars to bring you your destiny”.

Is it just me or does this remind anyone of the plot of Shrek? If it worked for two ogres, then I guess there’s hope for all of us…

Tickets for the star signs themed party cost just over €27 and you can get yours here.

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