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14th Jan 2020

This monthly stargazing yoga session sounds deadly

Sarah Finnan

Take a trip to a galaxy far far away…without ever leaving Dublin.

One of the things I miss most about living at home in the shticks is being able to see the stars. There’s nothing I love more than layering up against the cold and wandering outside to look up at the sky – though I still couldn’t point out the plough if you paid me (sorry Dad).

Moons Yoga Loft in Blackrock is teaming up with Galactic Ireland for the ultimate Friday night zen -combining yoga and stargazing.

Part of their new rotating Friday offering, Galactic Ireland (who also run a magical stargazing experience in the Wicklow mountains) will be in the Loft on the last Friday of every month.

There they’ll set up shop and provide guests with a virtual indoor space experience that promises to be both immersive and educational.

And you know, very cool too.

Using a projector and sophisticated space simulation software, you’ll get a closer look at the stars as you’re guided through a gentle flow.

Staring up at the stars certainly helps to put things into perspective and help us see the bigger picture.

As the event listing says; “the more we look, maybe the more we’ll know…”

The studio also offers a friendly Monday meditation group, along with classes seven days a week and weekend workshops.

A community-focused boutique space, the studio is centred around mindful movement for everyone with something to suit all ages and activity levels – ideal if one of your 2020 goals is to dedicate more time to yoga.

A Friday spent doing yoga and stargazing is a Friday very well spent in my books.

(Header image: @moonsyogaloft on Instagram)

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