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22nd Jan 2020

This sustainable living event will help you be more eco-friendly this year

Sarah Finnan

Sustainable living

Sustainability was a huge buzz word in 2019 – cropping up almost everywhere. And though it may be a new year, luckily it’s going nowhere.

More than just a passing trend, people are starting to cotton on to just how important it is to be more sustainable in their day to day routines.

One of the number one issues that people face when trying to live a greener life, however, is that they have no idea where to start. The eco-guilt is real and oftentimes it can feel as if small changes aren’t enough to make a difference.

But small change paves the way for big change and you have to start somewhere.

Still in need of some helpful tips? Kale + Coco is hosting a sustainable living event tomorrow to help us all become sustainable kings and queens.

Teaming up with Pat Kane, founder of Reuzi – your one-stop-shop for sustainable bits – they’ll talk you through some easy changes you can make in your day to day life.

Kale + Coco founders Rebecca and Jen will also talk a little bit about the many sustainable te practices they’re implementing in their café to reduce their environmental impact.

Tickets cost a tenner (plus a 69cent booking fee) and include a goodie bag of products. Taking place Thursday 23rd January at Kale + Coco from 7pm to 9pm.

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