The top 10 greatest burgers in Dublin that you MUST try

By Lovin Dublin

November 21, 2023 at 1:50pm


Narrowing this list down was hungry work

Few joys touch the highs of a burger on a hungry tum, luckily for us Dublin has some excellent places to chow down on the buns. We've handpicked some of our favourites, from the chains to the indie maestros:

10. Cluck Chicken

Greenhills Road, Walkinstown (and newly opened in the Square!), more info here

Go with? Your smelliest hangover in search of a cure

As the old joke goes, the only reason anyone tries to traverse the perils of the Walkinstown Roundabout is to try and get to Cluck Cluck Chicken, purveyors of some of the finest chicken burgers and loaded fries in Dublin. The team of cluckers do a bang-up job serving some of the best chicken burgers in the land, heavy on the sauce, big on flavour, these burgers will keep you full for roughly 48 hours. They are also constantly reworking and tweaking their menu, and each and every month they do a monthly burger special which typically pushes every imagined burger boundary.

9. Bang Bang

Phibsborough's 59A Leinster Street North, for more info click here

Go with? Your early riser friend

A true blue institution, Bang Bang in Phibsborough serves up quality coffee and grub with a side of social demonstration. Their brunch burger is nothing short of legendary and rumoured to fix any hangover. Smokey mayo, fresh cheese, a fried egg and bacon, this bad boy will keep you returning time and time again.

8. Heisenburger

Dublin 8's 38a, Richmond Street for more info click here 


Go with? Your work pal

After a tumultuous journey since their original opening date back in December (covid restrictions, the vengeful wrath of omicron and pretty much everything else that could possibly be thrown at a new business opening in this day and age), Heisenburger have hit the ground running with a varied menu stacked with beef, chicken and vegan options along with a generous selection of sides and dips. They've got some build-a-ble burger options, but the Kimi-Samy burger (crispy buttermilk chicken, kimchi slaw, maple glazed streaky bacon and Pico de Gallo), paired with jammy pig and cheese fries (not sure what they are but with a name like that, I feel we'll get along) the cereal killer milkshake (complete with coco pops and whipped cream) are the perfect combo when you really don't want to deprive yourself.

7. The Storyteller 

Dublin 2's 9 Grand Canal Street Lower, more info here

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Few boozers have hit the ground running quite like The Storyteller which opened up where Becky Morgans used to be back in January. Whilst being a new hub for the local area and a go-to spot for the tech heads that work nearby, the spot has become a great spot for some solid pub grub. The burger is made up of half steak and half mince to maximise tenderness and juiciness, giving it the Hannah Montana best of both worlds, topped with flavoursome Bordelaise onions, melted farmhouse cheddar, some green pepper and a smooth dijon mayo. You’ll remember this one.

6. Nice Burger

The Bernard Shaw, for more info click here

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Aside from putting on some of the city's most vibrant events, the team at the Bernard Shaw also play host to some incredible food trucks, from fugu to Bunga Bunga pasta. Inside though you'll find Nice Burger, a great spot serving a range of smash and deep-fried chicken burgers, alongside heavily loaded fries and an excellent spice bag that acceptable to eat in public. The smash burgs are fresh, and juicy, with just the right amount of time spent on the grill.

5. Bunsen


Various locations, for more info click here

Go with? Your beloved for a restorative burger to bring you back from the brink of a hanger meltdown

A couple of years ago, Bunsen entirely changed the food scene in Dublin (definitely for the best). By pairing things back to their most simple, and printing their entire menu printed on a business card, they turned the tide on overly sauced and topped burgs. The team at Bunsen know what they are at, even going as far as to cook your burg to order- absolutely no messing there.

4. Puck Burger

Portmarnock Sports and Leisure Centre Blackwood Lane, more info here 

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For an Americana-twinged burger that tastes just how they imagine they might in the movies- see Grease, Licorice Pizza and Lana Del Rey's discography- Puck Burger is your guy. Crispy and charred smashed patty, drenched in melted cheese served up with blushed pink pickled onions, signature puck sauce on a brioche bun. This is a burger that you'll struggle to shake from your memory.

3. Featherblade

Dublin 2's 51B Dawson Street, for more info click here

Go with? Your parents


Like with everything they do, the team at Featherblade put a lot of time and ingredients into getting their now classic-burger juuuust right. Sometimes referred to as "Dublin’s best burger" their burg is exceptionally well-balanced, it also comes in at a marvellous price point when you take in the quality of ingredients, the level of service and the ambience.

2. BuJo

Sandymount and Terenure, for more info click here 

Go with? Your decerning pal

This Sandymount institution has thankfully flapped its wings and landed in another location, Terenure. Made fresh to order using quality beef, you can really taste the smoke on these patties. There's a hellova lot of thought that goes into each and every order here from the well-seasoned chips to the perfectly creamy American shake.

1. Dash Burger

Kevin Street Lower and Capel Street, more info here
Go with? You, yourself and I
Few menu items have held such a choke-hold on the good people of Dublin quite like Dash Burger has, from news of its opening which was carried from greasy mouth to whispering ear, to new menu which is transported by similar means. This burger is the undefeated winner of the best burger in Dublin by a country mile and we have no doubt that it would take a lot of knock it off its lofty pedestal- that or if George Motz decides to relocate from NY to Dublin. A patty that's been scraped from the flattop, onions that have been crushed into its centre topped with melted cheese and just the right amount of pickles all served on a potato bun- it'll blow all the burgers before it out of your memory.

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