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11th Dec 2019

Ranelagh’s cutest coffee hatch is serving €2 coffees all day tomorrow

Sarah Finnan

Start the day on the right foot.

Close your eyes and picture your perfect morning. What do you see?

Here’s what I see. Sunshine, blue skies and lots of coffee.

While the sunshine and blue skies may be wishful thinking, we live in Ireland after all, luckily the coffee is never in short supply and tomorrow I’ll be getting mine from One Kinda Folk.

An adorable little coffee hatch in Ranelagh, One Kinda Folk is set behind an ivy wall in the courtyard of Yoga Dublin.

Previously a storage shed for yoga mats, OKF serves up 3FE coffee as well as loose leaf chai, raw matcha, homemade lavender syrup and waterloo loose leaf tea.

Knowing that Christmas can be hard for some, they’re hoping to lessen the load a bit by serving up €2 coffees all day on Thursday, December 12th.

Posting a photo to their Instagram account, it’s captioned:

“Lads, it’s Christmas! We’re feeling all festive over here and wanna make this Thursday a little lighter on your pockets with €2 coffees all day!

Come grab a coffee, have a chat and enjoy a coffee for 2 bucks. Oh, and there’ll be mince pies for sale too”.

Dubliners will know that finding a good brew for €2 is a very rare occurrence, so consider this a Christmas miracle. At that price, you may as well grab a snack to go with it too.

(Header image: @onekindafolk on Instagram)

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