PICS: Some Of The World's Greatest Footballers Are Having A Kickabout In Dublin This Evening

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With the UEFA Euro 2020 draw taking place in the Dublin tomorrow, the city is like a who's who of football legends the weekend.

Delegates from 55 nations seeking qualification for the tournament have landed on our shores to find out which opponents will stand in their way. Of course, ahead of the big event at the Convention Centre tomorrow, some of the stars are passing the time the only way they know how - by having a casual kickabout with some locals.

The Street Legends event, put together by Dublin City Council and the FAI, is taking place this afternoon on Commons Street in the capital and if you're in the area you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Portuguese legends Luis Figo, Vitor Baia and Nuno Gomes.

The event follows on from Thursday night when former Spain star Gaizka Mendieta, whose penalty broke Irish hearts in 2002, joined France's Robert Pires on the streets of the capital.

Excitement continues to build ahead of tomorrow. Now all we need is a kind draw and we'll be laughing our way to the Euros.

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