Dublin Restaurant Receives Support After Last-Minute Cancellation Of Large Booking

'Turned away so many guests who would have turned up. Gutted'

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A Dublin restaurant owner has received support after posting on Twitter that he had to deal with a last-minute cancellation of a booking for 14 people.

Gaz Smith, of Michael's in Mount Merrion, took to the platform on Friday to say 'Lads, a 14 no show, I feel sick, absolute disaster. Working so hard to make the specials and turned away so many guests who would have turned up. Gutted.'

This has become a trend recently in Dublin, with other restaurants calling for customers to consider the consequences of these late no-shows.

Gaz's post gained a fair bit of traction and he went on to share kind offers he received from members of the public as people came along to fill up the seats.

Gaz called on people to think twice before booking as cancelling can have a detrimental effect on business...

Something to be aware of ahead of the busy Christmas period, folks.

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